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Soundtouch by Jeanine Peterman, is massage therapy system incorporating theories consistent with her physical therapy background and solutions to chronic pain patterns developed by study, contemplation, personal practice and interpretation through dyslexic observations.  Jeanine started working on bodies before she was 7 {the family has stories} . She earned an associates science degree in physical therapy from San Diego City College in 1975 and a bachelor’s degree in business marketing from University of Phoenix in 2005.  Formerly living in Santee CA and serving private clients largely in the East County of San Diego she remains mobile although she now lives west of the 15. The intent is to   make the world better one body at a time with a favorite challenge is to help people who have been unsuccessful in their quest for pain relief through conventional channels. Hopefully this website will be helpful to many.  Jeanine is happy to answer questions based on her philosophies.   There are no implied promises that what works for her will work for you, but many people are better due to her out of the box (but dyslexically logical) approaches. Feel free to ask questions and make comments