Massage therapy with a twist. Combining several different manual therapy techniques to change the connective tissue environment in the body to decrease pain, increase freedom of motion, and help people just plain feel better.

Sections included in this may end up being part of a book promised to my sister a long time ago.   I have worked on bodies all of my life…seriously, as a little kid my brothers got in trouble for taking apart electronic appliances and sort of putting them back together, I got in trouble for playing with my food when in fact i was trying to learn how bodies worked. fascinated by muscles, cartilage and bone. My grandfather was a hunter and fisherman so I saw fresh  ‘cadavers’ and realized how different cooked flesh  was from live.  My parents generally  encouraged curiosity  and my mother, grandparents, relatives and friends benefited from my hands long before I got an education.

I have a history of frustrating teachers by asking questions they did not know the answers to. I am mildly dyslexic and had some severe visual defects that literally caused me to learn and see the world differently. So I have researched and meditated on the things that puzzled me and peaked my interest.  Some things I’ve learned through experimentation and observation and questioning  willing participants. Some information has been gleaned from books and the internet. Some things have come to me as nuggets of information from people who have had successes and failures. Many things have come through meditation and application of principles that make sense to me that I have expanded on.  When I explain my theories and opinions to clients and many colleagues they say these things make sense,  So I am sharing here.

I consider myself to be a bodyworker. Technically I fit into the massage therapy category but my clients say I’m not like any masseuse they’ve ever met.  I am very happy to see that the profession of massage is expanding and gaining significantly more overall acceptance and getting away from the old reputation of being nothing more than a code name for prostitution.

Bodies respond to sound touches; that come from a place of integrity, love, technical skill and cooperation. Reflective of the interconnections of the body systems and the psyche. The top is connected to the bottom, the front is connected to the back the right is connected to the left and diagonals are intrinsically important.    I suppose I could also add that the inside is connected to the outside and that is why diet, water and air are also vital.