15 second Fix- left handed club

Don’t use my tips as an excuses for slow play…but waiting for your buddies to hit, or if you are waiting on the group in front of you.

Replace whatever your least used, least favorite club in your bag with a left handed 6 iron ( If you use lefty clubs regularly, a right handed club will do the trick, maybe you could share your friends…if that’s not sacrilege)

This club may come in handy if you are on the wrong side of a tree or other hazard, and…

Sometimes if your swing seems to have deteriorated, pull out the Six, and do a few practice swings with it…frequently when you switch back to your usual club your swing will have improved.

If you don’t want to replace a club with the six, you can still improve your swing by with practicing with it on the driving range.   I have friends who mocked bowlers because it is such a one sided sport noting that some bowlers have uneven frames from tossing that 10 lb ball so many times, but normal golfers will swing a club between 72 & 300 times on a golf day, during a round depending on  their warm up and  pre-swing routines, swinging the opposite side is like doing an alternating PNF pattern and will improve the neuoprogaming part of your regular swing

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  1. jeanine says:

    This looks like a nice tool to improve your swing, a small amount of resistance in a proper pattern gives a person a higher sense of proprioception, awareness of where they are in space, and helps to promote stabilization in the core. Someone has used Yankee ingenutiy to put a new twist on an old swing. I have not tried this but I like the concept


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