Simple Helps for Gout Sufferers

When my best friend’s gout flared up and he told me there was nothing to do but suffer, I started researching and meditating on the subject. This was not his first gout occurrence. He had decided that  how commonly prescribed medications prescribed made him feel worse than his gout attacks, but noted the frequency and intensity of attacks were both increasing . This is a bullet list of things we found that helped him and other people I have since assisted with recovering more quickly than usual. They may or may not work for you. Let me know what helps you in the conversation section

This is a relatively new site, if you have questions about things in this list that are not fully explained,  please ask so I know what to write about first

  • Diet:

  • Eat foods  with anti-inflammatory properties that are also low in purines
  • Don’t allow yourself to become dehydrated! Drink filtered  water, non-sugary  beverages
  • Cherries, celery, cabbage, citrus, cranberries, chia seeds,  coriander and cilantro
  • Peppers…including paprika and  pepper based sauces  Tapatio, Tabasco etc
  • Blueberries, Brown rice, mushrooms, oatmeal, walnuts
  • Extra virgin Olive oil, flax seed oil, sesame oil, avocado
  •  Vinegar (Don’t over do) We found Braggs unfiltered cider vinegar especially helpful, but balsamics, wine vinegars also helped we used them mostly in salad dressings
  • Dark  chocolate, cocoa (can be kept in a shaker and sprinkled on foods or in beverages)
  • Ginger, turmeric, garlic, cinnamon
  • Yoghurt or other fermented foods
  •  Habits

  • Elevate the area…if you have a recliner use it, add a pillow under the foot to get the foot higher than the hip,  but don’t  let the knee rest in a hyper- extended position.
  • Gentle wrapping of swollen area with crinkle tape or ace wrap.
  • Tape Sandals make walking during a flare more comfortable
  • Cool water soaks or contrast baths
  • Walk with a cane… The easiest way to put  less pressure on a swollen foot. Hold the cane in the hand opposite the affected side to normalize your walking pattern and protect the alignment of your back against the effects of chronic limping
  • Use toe spreaders, like Yoga Toes or pedicure aids if they are not too painful to insert.
  • Dunlop care, that part that hangs  over your beltline may be interfering with  your body’s ability to deliver nutrients  as well as the body’s ability to route waste products to the appropriate organs
  • Improve your lymphatic system
  • If you are constipated,  make steps to get your digestive system moving again
  • Exercise:

  • When gout has you sidelined and unable to do your usual routine,  you still need to move!
  • Seated light saber battles
  • Belly dance veil work
  • Scissor clips with legs elevated
  • Gentle ankle circles
  • Shake pom-poms and vigorously cheer during football games
  • Sing!
  • Walk with a tape sandal and use a cane when you have to go somewhere
  • People you may want to know or visit:

  • Medical Doctor, not everyone has bad reactions to the medications and for some people it’s all they need
  • Acupuncturist  one with a history of  successfully treated gout
  • Massage therapist familiar with Manual  Lymphatic Drainage  techniques and Craniosacral therapy

My belief that Gout is like Rock Candy  is in part based on success of these techniques  continued over time decreasing the frequency and intensity of attacks that had previously been getting  longer and more debilitating.

Every body needs some uric acid, like every body needs some sugar.  It is when a  supersaturated condition exists,  and tophus  build up  then go into a  breakdown cycle  that leads to inflammation and pain associated with gout.   I have seen deformities caused by gout disappear as these practices continued over time.


7 replies on “Simple Helps for Gout Sufferers”

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  2. Jeanette says:

    What is Dunlop care and what are tape sandals?

    • jeanine says:

      Thank-you for reminding me of unfinished parts of my site. Dunlop care gives instructions for people whose belly’s lap over their belts on specific things they can do to keep their existing fat from interfering with circulation of blood and of waste products to and from the lower part of their bodies and to restore postural control lost because of the weight distribution. A tape sandal is used to decrease the effects of inflammation in a gouty foot and often will allow walking to be tolerable during a bad attack. Your other comment that I need pictures is why I do not have these and will get right on it.

  3. How can an approach be made to my daughter in law about her symptoms of ADHD? She is in her 30′s. She frequently lashes out in anger. If something is suggested she is very defiant!!! So if it is suggested it may be months before she would be open to the thought. She does not listen when someone is speaking to her. Sometimes she acts like a child when she is angry. These are some of the traits that she has that causes me concern in approaching her with a suggestion that she has ADHD.

    • jeanine says:

      Ordinarily I would have included this with spam because the origin of the post, however, no matter where you live, it is good to know that both vision therapy and craniosacral therapy have shown to be beneficial for individuals with ADHD

  4. Maverick says:

    Gout remedy: 8 ounces of warm water with 1 tablespoon of baking soda drink daily while having a gout attack then drink every second day after the attack to sustain no more gout; this treatment is also very good for acid indigestion and helps maintain a lower acidic body system

    • jeanine says:

      That is usually helpful for assisting the body in dissolving the uric acid crystals, as long as the lymphatic system is efficient at ridding itself of impurities. I’ve seen it effective at decreasing the effects of osteoarthritis pain as well

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