Got Gout?

There is hope for people who suffer from gout that does not lie in medicine you have to take for the rest of your life.

I learned a little about gout in school. Made fun of the fat English nobles who ate their way into pain, punished by their pleasures: served them right.  Swollen ugly crippling karma for those who plundered the poor, stole from each other, and used their positions of power to sadistically control the souls unfortunate enough to serve them.  Sounded like a different kind of allergic reaction to me. It might sound harsh but my  mind thought ” Got gout? Go on a diet!  Give up shellfish for goodness sake!”

It was 2005 when I had my first friend with gout.  Yes he was overweight but was not eating  the foods connected with my beliefs about the malady. Eating cherries and crunching celery at least made him feel like he was doing something.  The usually prescribed medication for gout should not be taken during an episode, and made him feel ill every  day.  He struggled with was the nausea worth lack of foot pain?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  An acute attack led him to the desperate act of calling me.  Both of us had heard massage was not recommended for gout.  My manual skills were legendary in a very small circle.  One area of training I’ve had is Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder) which was developed to help women whose arms swelled up after mastectomies. We wondered if I started  above the knee and stayed above discolored parts could we decrease his pain?  MLD is a very gentle technique and my friend was under orders to let me know if there was discomfort.  He let me know that the pain in his great toe was lessening with work done above and at the knee!  The swollen and discolored areas were changing before our eyes.

This part is gross…When he got up to go to the bathroom after the session, he made me come back and smell his pee…It was disgusting.  Concentrated gout piss-odiferously  foul We made sure he drank extra water and ate those cherries. He reported a gradual improvement through the next couple of days.  The  he called me; the right foot felt close to normal but the other foot was in serious revolt.  It seemed his gout switched sides.  Neither of us had ever heard of that before.   Pondering the cause we came up with what has been dubbed the dunlop technique.  That coupled with work similar to what we had done but now on the left, it was the shortest gout event he had had in years.  We also tried contrast baths, something he could do himself.  He taught me how to make a tape sandal , and he had me do other manual techniques to help correct deformities made by prior encounters with gout and old skateboard injuries.

The frequency and duration of gout attacks have gradually decreased.  The last one was over a year ago.   I have ideas about that.  But I’ll talk about gout as rock candy another day.

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