Pruney toes

My technical term for when your foes get all wrinkly in the bathtub.

Celery and your foot respond differently  to constant exposure to water. Celery sucks it in the water fills the stalks and the  the cells become crispy. Humans have special receptors in their hands and feet that are activated by prolonged exposure to moisture.  Their function is to create those wrinkles that are speculated  to make it easier to keep from slipping in a cold stream.

How does this help gout suffers?  Gout is a form of arthritis. “… Itis” means “inflammation of”  Arthro is having to do with the joints.  Arthr…itis by very definition inflamed joints.  There are certain nerve fibers that only transmit a pain signal if inflammation is present.  The same action that creates wrinkles in toes when they are in water acts as a localized diuretic and help temporarily diminishes swelling and thereby pain.  When feet are placed in a tub with water the pressure  against the skin is uniform, constant,  and greater than pressure of air against the  skin.  This constant wrap also encourages evacuation of inflammatory  materials from the  tissues and waste products are squeezed into the blood system or lymphatic drainage channels.  In addition, cool water would instigate   metabolic slowing  in the tissue.  Typically a gouty foot will literally have a hot spot or two, topical application of ice does provide some localized release, but frequently the inflammation goes from one part of the foot to another.  If the foot instead is put in water up to the mid calf, the pressure squeezes the foot  and if left in the water long enough provides drainage into the deeper layers of the foot.  Over stretched tissues are given a virtual hug by the pressure and are given a moment in which to  repair and tighten up their cell walls.

Yes, as long as the uric acid is out of control  the foot will swell up again, but respite is good.  Periodic excursions  into clean cool water may  well keep drainage lines open and speed  healing  from an attack

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