Pain Relief

Pain, we complain about it. We want to eliminate pain. Few people consider pain the blessing that it is. Pain is a signal that let’s us know something is wrong so that we can do something about it. It is my experience pain in the body is caused by truly only a few things:  Pinch, Poison,  Position and  Pathology.  If you can change the 4Ps  you can change chronic pain and get relief.

Pinch–Sometimes tendons, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels stray out of their usual paths and get trapped or crushed. Eliminating compression will allow normal circulation and function to return through the normal rejuvenating properties of the body.

Position–Posture matters! Stretch can be as painful as pinch. If your posture has adapted to where the phone is on your desk, chronic limping, constant rotation, or repetitive motions on an unnatural plane then your connective tissue adapts and now supports the body in the unhealthy  inefficient position.  Your bones grow according to stresses and strains put upon them (Wolff’s Law) and soft tissue adapts in a similar way (Davis’ Law). So deliberate changes in position, through exercise, stretching, massage, bodywork can change chronic pain patterns and improve

Poison –Not just arsenic. Food you eat is processed broken down into bits the body uses, stores, or discards. By products of muscle contraction, the air we breath, the water we drink is either used by the body or not. What you eat is important and with the number of pollutants our environment exposes us too, it is not surprising the bodies natural elimination systems become overloaded and inefficient.   Stagnation in our body like in a fouled pond can get pretty stinky.  Muscles that are in chronic spasm can shut off their own blood supplies causing both starvation and storage of raw waste sitting in tissues. ewe

Pathology– if you break a bone and you are normal you will hurt. Some disease entities destroy healthy tissue,  crowding out  healthy tissue, disrupt drainage pathways, alter nerve conduction,  disrupt circulatory pathways and interfere with normal muscle movement patterns. When this happens there are still ways of decreasing the ancillary  mechanisms of pain, improving general circulation, decreasing lymphatic backup, and inhibiting the inflammatory response .  Some things that cannot be cured can be corralled 

Psychology–The fifth P. When I first started studying biofeedback techniques, I was told “The subconscious cannot tell the difference between a truth and a lie”  I rebelled against that teaching with every fiber in my being until I realized that there was power in this partial truth.  When hope is introduced in a chronic pain pattern, changes happen more rapidly.  When a person with an older spinal chord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury, unsuccessful surgery, find that they can do exercises with their conscious mind that change the automatic-autonomic systems of the body, it gives them something to do besides wallow in despair.  These changes are real and measurable. It does not mean the problem is in in their heads, but that they can use what they have deliberately.   Altering heart rate, temperature, resting contractile habits of muscles is not just the realm of yogis on a mountain top  in Tibet, but  well documented, accessible and achievable by average people here in San Diego as well as your own town.