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strange shoulders (4)

so the shoulders rest on top of the ribs, big deal….

Yes it is a big deal because the ribs are supposed to be buoyant.  I refer to the rib cage as a rib slinky. Between each set of ribs there are three sets of muscles diagonal left, diagonal right, and vertical, when fully stretched, functional and strong they can create a powerful bellows effect for the lungs (which have no muscles themselves) . Ribs should move up and down, in and out, side to side. They allow for rotation with one side compressing while the other side expands, turns, bends.

Your thigh has one bone that is longer than the whole of the thoracic unit which contains more than thirty bones.   Why so many bones? just as the foot and hand have so many bones because of the movement demands on them, the ribs were intended to be flexible and very mobile. they compress and expand. the upper ribs are connected front and back but your lower ribs are only attached in back, this allows them to move out of the way when you bend forward to tie your shoes and to really open out lake a gate when you take a large expansive breath. Your diaphragm muscle attaches to the underside of the ribs, thoracic vertebrae and the sternum providing for a canopy like expansion to take place during singing and breathing.

Eyes must rest on a horizon, that’s a neurological rule; if the neck is off center because of damage or poor posture, the ribs may compensate allowing the shoulders to remain relatively level. the later dysfunction in the shoulders as the ribs become less mobile, because Wolfe, Davis and Starling’s laws can work against our conscious goals.

Want to try something? hold your ribcage still and swing your arms… Hold your arms still and rotate your rib cage. Notice you can turn your ribs using your ankles, knees or hips and keep your shoulders almost perfectly still.  not move them together, hold your ribcage at the furthest possible point of rotation, and add shoulder retraction, pulse this and find you move further and further still  because at that end range, your rib cages is again in a fixed position and the shoulder blade can move on it once again.   try doing this with your arm at different levels and different positions. I am always amazed at what tightnesses I find and can relieve in my own body when I do this as an exploratory exercise.

Freeing up the rib cage allows greater freedom of the arm. Especially if you lengthen the latissimus dorsi to decrease its compressive forces on the rib cage

Change your rib cage change your shoulders

strange shoulders (3) ribs

The entire arm rests on the ribcage

the shoulder girdle is only attached to the sternum

Your two arms are more attached to each other than they are to the rest of the body.This is either a terrifying or very liberating thought.

Your arms were designed to work in concert with your rib cage…

I like the term concert because sometimes the ribs and thoracic units have the same melody and purpose. Sometimes one takes the high note and the other takes the low note and harmonize, sometimes one is supposed to just take a rest and let the others carry the movement… and if a small instrument lets say a piccolo (or muscle) is too tight, too loud, off key, sharp and piercing is disruptive to the whole movement, well that’s a concert I don’t want to listen to.[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”B00SFVPINK” locale=”us” height=”500″ src=”” width=”333″]

In strange shoulders (4) I will explain why I dislike the term rib cage and prefer the term rib slinky, but the image lets you see how unattached the shoulder blade is to the body. it is capable anatomically of many motions, many angles, many resting positions based on gravity and posture and usage.  Any one of those three corners can go up, down, inside, outside, rotate, be adhered to the tissues that connect to the rib cage underneath them,  Resting position can be affected by the fit and style of bra a woman choses to wear, how heavy items are that are routinely carried, by bulking up of muscles anywhere around the joint.

Going back to Wolfe, Davis, and Starling , the bones, connective tissue and blood supply to the entire area are affected by usage, and by default, non usage.   A shoulder can have just as much pain or dysfunction caused by a weak, poorly initiated muscle as it has from a muscle in spasm so strong that it has shut off its own blood supply…..and all the time, it, they rest on the ribs whose movement or lack thereof affects the function of the shoulder.

Want to try a new shoulder exercise? close your eyes and breathe…. feel the connection. Breathe deep sitting, standing, in a recliner, in your bed, lying on your stomach…. discover the magic of how breathing can change your shoulders.


strange shoulders (2)

…. so do you know where the only bony connection of your arm to your body is?

at the top of your breast bone, you might feel two little bumps…. medically known as the sterno clavicular joints, that is where your collar bone attaches to your body.

You have almost thirty bones in your wrist and hands

they attach to the two bones of the forearm

which attach to the long arm of the upper bone

which rests in a shallow, almost saucer shaped receptacle

that is part of the shoulder blade

which has an almost pencil thin attachment to your collar bone….and no other bone

which attaches to your breast bone

about one inch away from your other arm


muscles, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels, fat, skin…etc


your shoulder girdle, is designed to rest….and move on top of your rib cage[easyazon-image align=”none” asin=”B005EI8R3U” locale=”us” height=”500″ src=”” width=”500″]



Goodbye old year, old ankle, old problems

It’s been an interesting couple of years…. after the food poisoning, mystery insect bite, pneumonia, allergic reaction to the medicine taken for said pneumonia, slip and fall with concussion and subsequent development of sleep apnea, I was enjoying getting back to my usually active joyful self when a slip and fall left me with a fractured fibula.   That skinny little bone on the outside of the ankle that ends just under the knee…. the foot end snapped clear off.

The doctor says I’m lucky, I have a fracture, not a sprain. my ligament was stronger than my bone.   I can now say definitively, that Ice water, although awfully uncomfortable during application, is a far more effective pain reliever (for me) than any of the oral meds they gave me.  It does not make me sleepy, make me constipated, or stink up my poop.    Elevation, rest, g e n t l e movement in non painful ranges, and  vibration therapy,all seem to be helping.

Ice water in a rectangular trash can is far more effective than an ice pack laid against the injured area. The ice pack drives the inflammation out of the sore spot but it seems to go inward and muck up the joint, but when the injured part enters  literally bone chilling ice water, the coldness sends the inflammatory materials all the way out of my foot… it decreases the swelling and opens new non painful movement paths.   Popping a pill is easier and more comfortable but nowhere near as effective…at least for me

Have a happy New Year, I wish and pray for you health, joy, freedom of movement and peace of mind



Poi Please

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B00CJJ67N4″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”144″]

I love poi, not the mashed root of the tara plant, which i confess I’ve never tried, but what court jugglers who could not catch or juggle did to entertain folks back in cold castles.  They put balls in socks and twirled them around. Today’s versions (you can still put tennis balls in tube socks) may attach with swivels, contain led lights, there are some soft enough that you can hit yourself without pain, and there are tutorials everywhere on how do begining skills as well as  cool tricks   you can play by yourself or with someone else there are even poi vacations and contests

But me, I love them because, they are fun, pretty, and very effective as a rehabilitation tool.  Holding the string can be done with the string looped through fingers so they don’t go flying away. Spinning is good for stability, shoulder motion, visual tracking, improving brain function as practice encourages cross brain integration, Even a novice can play.   My son (a 35 year old soldier) loves to see how high he can throw them in the night sky. I gave pod poi to my nephew as a high school graduation present  to help with his college transition because short bursts of activity between studying helps to improve retention, and with its USB charging actually makes a nice mood light for his dorm room.  My youngest daughter introduced me to poi because she wanted to ‘spin fire’   and in southern California that’s a pretty dangerous proposition.  I even use poi and its properties to help  my golf game.

For people with neurological disorders who have  been given pages of boring exercise, poi is engaging, like a video game, I lose time when I practice, I like to coordinate with music, flamenco, world beat, Rodrigo y Gabriela.  the colors make it easy to focus, centrifugal force becomes a helper so a weak person can develop control. Although usually done standing, poi can be done seated on a stool, ball, wheelchair, picnic table. I have even lay on my back secured it to my toes and spun with my legs. I hope as poi becomes more popular in general that more therapists will incorporate this into wellness programs

I have been known to incorporate the use of finger lights and rave gloves to observe symmetry or lack thereof in mirrors

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B0045H0L1W” locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”160″][easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B004U0IRGU” locale=”us” height=”114″ src=”” width=”160″]

Vision Therapy and me

When the movie Avatar came out, a friend took me to see it in 3D format in an IMAX (curved screen) theatre. Leaving the theatre I kept remarking how things kept “jumping out at me” they said “just like in real life”…we each repeated these statements a couple of times, he did not understand that things didn’t usually feel like they were ‘invading my personal space’ and I did not understand that for him it was normal to feel surrounded by things with dimensions.

One of my clients is an optometrist with a pediatric vision therapy specialty and we discussed my experience at the movie and the very frightening ride home where cars kept popping out at me like the creatures in the meeting. It seems that somewhere along the line, whether by genetics or multiple head traumas growing up, not only was my vision bad in the 20:475 range but I also tested with very limited peripheral vision, poor tracking ability, limited convergence and divergence, multiple blind spots, astigmatism, mild color blindness they will randomly change dominance and  then there is the severe lack of stereoscopic vision (inability to see three dimensionally) …She told me not to bother with Lasik surgery since more of my visual problems had to do with poor processing than eye shape. She lent me the transformational book “Fixing My Gaze” [easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B003YGVCWM” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” width=”73″]

She started me on exercises, I started doing more research into vision and found that the optic nerve is more like brain tissue than any other nerve and that extreme motions of the eye can change the pressure in the cranial vault. The eye socket itself is made with articulations between 7 bones with 9 separate openings! Expanding my peripheral vision was her first concern because she drives the same roads I do!

vision therapy helped my golf game

Vision Therapy brought focus and helped my golf game

I have been able to mentally re-write some of my history knowing I am not uncoordinated (you should see me belly dance) I was just blind….no wonder i couldn’t catch or throw…depth perception is a function of stereoscopic vision with tracking control motor responses based on judgements made by full complete sight. I was even in the 5th grade before anyone even figured out I needed glasses because I have always tried to be adaptable. I started doing body work, in part, because the world always made more sense with my hands than it did with my eyes.

My world is different today. I am much better at remembering people’s names….because I truly see their faces.  I have not run into a curb (driving) in over a year…who know’s what else I’ve missed 😉 I don’t have to remember where I put my keys, I can stand upstairs and scan the room below and find them…with my eyes…usually within 20 seconds.  I have been told I have better fashion sense, this is because I can see single images of my whole body when I look into a mirror.  Less spoilage in my kitchen because I can see the leftovers and get to them before they spoil.   Doing body work makes so much more sense with a three-dimensional image of a body in my mind’s eye and not just in my hands kinesthetic memory tied to two dimensional books and reality for me. The thing that really gets me is that I test less color blind than I used to, and things seems brighter. Golf is harder because of the trees poppin out all over but easier because I can read the greens. I stare in amazement at the levels of depth, the qualities of roundness, texture. I appreciate the breeze  through the trees because I not only can watch leaves rustle but individual leafs turn in the wind. My attitudes have changed, I am more calm, and tend to be less anxious, less restless leg syndrome, and have fewer bouts with depression.  People seem find me more approachable, it seems squinting is easily interpreted as scowl. I am at an age when my friends are experiencing age related declines in vision while I am seeing better than ever, and loving it.





vision therapy,

Massage and Parkinson’s

In doing research for a community service talk about Parkinson’s and massage one thing that struck me was the number of times the only advice in the articles about massage and Parkinson’s specifically was….”talk to your doctor” which of course you should do when adding something new to any regime designed to alter the status of your health.  The underlying process of Parkinson’s Disease seems to come from inside the  midbrain the substantia nigra region and involves the loss of the ability to produce the hormone and neurotransmitter dopamine so a therapist familiar with Cranial Sacral therapy techniques is probably a good idea, someone who understands that usually a person with tremors will develop rigidity in the body’s effort to maintain stability is a bonus and someone who knows how to correct muscle imbalances caused by postural adaptations a valuable asset in battling parkinsonian symptoms.

Massage in general increases circulation…a good thing, smooths tissues, a good thing, feels good….a good thing.



For more of my thoughts on Parkinson’s Disease sk me questions, I’ll answer what I know…admit to what I don’t know,  and give my speculative theories and ideas

Turn your world upside-down!

I mean literally upside-down.I believe almost every system in the body would benefit from a regular practice of going upside down…I use an inversion table.

I think it’s amazing how often changing your perspective changes how you see things, interpret things, interact with things. Our bodies are like we are; filled with possibilities for healing and regeneration.  Old fixed movement problems can be transformed the second that gravity reacts differently on them.

You know it’s true…Stand up…Lie down…does gravity push on you differently? …So if you regularly  insert an inversion practice into your routine,  who knows what will happen when you turn your world upside down.



to read more go to Gravity…friend or foe? 

Wonderful Water

I love water. It has many wonderful properties. Our bodies are filled with the stuff. Drinking it,immersing our bodies in it, letting it splash on us in the shower…all beneficial. and now it seems we can make water better with our attitudes!

Drink it pure so it can flush impurities from your system

Soaking in it gives your body a big squeeze and the changing pressure also pushes impurities into your elimination systems and stimulates your lymphatics. Gee, no wonder surfers become addicted to the sport

Even taking a shower does more than slough off dead skin and odor causing bacteria but provides gentle massage, and gives you the anti-inflammatory effects of pruney toes 

How has water been wonderful in Your life?

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Golf is good for you!

Golf is good for a person.  My  dad and grandpa would laugh at me for my opinion, they both were known to mock golfers and joined with Mark Twain in the belief that “Golf is a good walk spoiled”   I on the other hand love it… with my vision, co-ordination, and strength, hitting a stationary ball is as good as I can get…..and that’s not all that good.

Follow this link for the longer version if you want justification, further evidence, and a greater appreciation for going to a golf course and soaking up all the possible goodness there.

I love golf, and golf is good for me….Yeah!




massage, golf is good