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Rock candy

Did you know that gout is like rock candy?

Rock Candy is simply crystallized sugar made with a few grains of sugar on a string dipped into a supersaturated solution and allowing crystals to form as evaporation sets in. . Gout symptoms occur when uric acid crystals are in a super saturated and in their concentrated state wreak havoc on the body. The resolution of an attack is frequently accomplished not by ridding the body of the uric acid but by encapsulating crystal clusters into tofus which the body stores until the next outbreak. which may be caused by minor trauma to a tofus which then becomes the center of the next attack if the area continues to hold a high concentration of uric acid.

I have seen friends reverse the cycle of ever more frequent attacks by dissolving the tofus, changing diet patterns, incorporating hydrotherapy and lymphatic drainage massage techniques.





Simple helps for gout sufferers

Most of the people I’ve met that have gout have been led to believe that there is little to do once a gout outbreak starts other than ride it out and suffer.  My clients, friends and personal research have revealed that  there are a number of things that can ease discomfort during an out break, as well as decreasing the intensity and frequency of future gout attacks.these simple helps range from diet, and  exercises  to tape sandals and fun with water.



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Got Gout?

There is hope for people who suffer from gout that does not lie in medicine you have to take for the rest of your life.

I am not saying don’t take your meds, but there are specific things a person can do to change their pain levels during an attack and the frequency and duration of future attacks.  I have seen these changes in the lives of friends and clients and am happy to share with you.

If you have things that have worked for you that you don’t see in my gout pages, please feel free to share in comments so we can stop others from suffering too