I’ve been told I think in hyperlinks and that in conversation I will explain what I mean in the middle of getting to a point and then forget my point…Confused yet?  That’s why I have this definitions page.

Yes I started working on bodies before I was 7. I developed some terminology so I could talk to myself and try to explain to others when they asked, “How do you do that?” But not everything I know and do is not my own idea. I love bodies and to feel  changes under my  hands.  Part of my effectiveness in the art part of bodywork depends on learning as many different tools as I can,  because one technique will not work for every person

These definitions, when not just rote from the  dictionary, reflect my understanding of  philosophy and why they are helpful. I have friends that ask what should they look for in a bodyworker.  If a theory resonates with you, when asking questions about qualifications  of a potential health practitioner you can ask what they  think of such and such technique and use that answer to determine if you want to use their services.

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