Davis’ Law

“Ligaments, or any soft tissue, when put under even a moderate degree of tension, if that tension is unremitting, will elongate by the addition of new material; on the contrary, when ligaments, or rather soft tissues, remain uninterruptedly in a loose or lax state, they will gradually shorten, as the effete material is removed, until they come to maintain the same relation to the bony structures with which they are united that they did before their shortening. Nature never wastes her time and material in maintaining a muscle or ligament at its original length when the distance between their points of origin and insertion is for any considerable time, without interruption, shortened.”

This is essentially the soft tissue corollary with Wolff’s Law. They work together and form the basis of hope for chronic pain sufferers who look for a drug free alternative for relief from chronic pain.

This also explains why your mom was right when she said “If you hold that face that way…it will freeze that way”

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