Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a technique pioneered by  Emil and Estrid Vodder in the 1930s. Noticing that illness often  accompanied  swollen lymph nodes they found that the same gentle techniques they used to clear sinuses also helped decrease swelling in women’s arms post mastectomy. A healthy well draining lymphatic system  usually  goes side by side with a  healthy immune system

There are nerves that only send pain signals when inflammation is present.  Returning cells to their optimal shapes and potions, is rewarded with decrease in pain and usually increase of function as well.

2 replies on “Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)”

  1. leslie says:

    As a woman safely over 21, I experience the aches and pains in the joints that one accepts as part of my age…. well I am thankful to learn that I do not have to accept that line of thinking! The lymphatic work I have experienced takes the aches and swelling out of those joints and helps unclog areas I have trouble in. This is really a great method for staying healthy and cold free 😉

    • jeanine says:

      It has always made sense to me that if the body is fighting a battle (even if it against bacteria) that there would be ‘dead bodies’ of sorts that needed to be dealt with. If the lymphatic system is not quite up to the task of dealing with the extra workload, the effects of stagnation seen in many streams appear to happen, more or less, on a cellular basis, until the system thinks the ‘green foamy stuff’ is part of the scenery and no longer dealt with, expanding the areas and effects of poor circulation and nutrition, increasing areas of poor nerve conductivity, and limiting the end range of motion of any joints involved.

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