Myofascial release

I felt like Helen Keller at the well when I went to this course in the early 80’s.  This technique gave me vocabulary that I could use with professional cohorts and let me know I was not a lone crazy in manual therapy.

I learned from John Barnes the general idea is that connective tissue is pliable and mold-able under certain sets of circumstances. That there are rhythms in the body  that will help a body normalize itself if given an opportunity. Light sustained stretch can alter the foundation of connective tissue that the bones and muscles rest in. Decreasing restrictions in their substrate layers  improves cellular nutrition, lymphatic drainage as well as muscle shape and function.

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  1. leslie says:

    This feels sooooo good ! So much stress is held in my face and this loosens up that stress, works more on elevation of the pesky headache and makes my skin look healthier!

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