Tape Sandal

I learned about the Tape Sandal technique from a friend who was a  former patient of Dr.  Robert Schultze. He learned that if he was going to have to get up and walk that the least painful way  was to use paper tape

 Begin the application with the first of three pieces of tape that make up the sandal starting forward to back from the base of the great toe, back along the inside of the foot  behind the heel and forward toward the pinky toe. The second piece of tape goes around the  the top of the foot. starting at the great toe then going across the back of the foot around the pinky under the foot and secured just past it’s starting place. A third piece of tape repeats the path of the first one securing the second piece by it’s existing.

This technique seemed to be most effective when the foot was still experiencing the temporary decrease that occurred when he soaked his gouty foot in cold water but long enough after to be sure the skin was fully dry

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