There are over a zillion stretches people can do.  Many philosophies many methods but what ever method you choose, know there are a couple of principles that hold true…

Muscles have different types of stretch receptors. One type ensures that when you reach for something on the top shelf that your arm, your rib cage, your hips do not retain the one sided elongation that results from reaching the object of your desire but that you return quickly to your normal shape. But there are other receptors that require a sustained stretch and if you maintain the stretch long enough the muscle spindle will actually change shape so that over time you actually will have longer hamstrings. There are even ways of changing the substrate tissues which support your connective tissue, bones  and even scar tissue allowing increased freedom of motion and gradual changes in resting posture and this is a gateway to long term pain relief.

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    Hello Jeanine,

    I am a friend of Debbie Sperry. She is so very thankful for your practice and speaks very highly of you. I would like to set up an appointment for a 1 hour message therapy session. I use my cell phone mostly to communicate. You can text or call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

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    Rochel Poe

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