Golf is good for you!

Golf is good for a person.  My  dad and grandpa would laugh at me for my opinion, they both were known to mock golfers and joined with Mark Twain in the belief that “Golf is a good walk spoiled”   I on the other hand love it… with my vision, co-ordination, and strength, hitting a stationary ball is as good as I can get…..and that’s not all that good.

Follow this link for the longer version if you want justification, further evidence, and a greater appreciation for going to a golf course and soaking up all the possible goodness there.

I love golf, and golf is good for me….Yeah!




massage, golf is good 


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  1. I have been a player at golf for several years and usually end up in pain at some point between hole 4 and 12 !! If I remember my stretches and actually do them as instructed, I have diminished to no pain !! Golf is good 😉

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