Goodbye old year, old ankle, old problems

It’s been an interesting couple of years…. after the food poisoning, mystery insect bite, pneumonia, allergic reaction to the medicine taken for said pneumonia, slip and fall with concussion and subsequent development of sleep apnea, I was enjoying getting back to my usually active joyful self when a slip and fall left me with a fractured fibula.   That skinny little bone on the outside of the ankle that ends just under the knee…. the foot end snapped clear off.

The doctor says I’m lucky, I have a fracture, not a sprain. my ligament was stronger than my bone.   I can now say definitively, that Ice water, although awfully uncomfortable during application, is a far more effective pain reliever (for me) than any of the oral meds they gave me.  It does not make me sleepy, make me constipated, or stink up my poop.    Elevation, rest, g e n t l e movement in non painful ranges, and  vibration therapy,all seem to be helping.

Ice water in a rectangular trash can is far more effective than an ice pack laid against the injured area. The ice pack drives the inflammation out of the sore spot but it seems to go inward and muck up the joint, but when the injured part enters  literally bone chilling ice water, the coldness sends the inflammatory materials all the way out of my foot… it decreases the swelling and opens new non painful movement paths.   Popping a pill is easier and more comfortable but nowhere near as effective…at least for me

Have a happy New Year, I wish and pray for you health, joy, freedom of movement and peace of mind



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