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Jeanine, Soundtouch founder contact at soundtouchj9@gmail.com 

Soundtouch reflects a theory of massage and bodywork where we listen with our hands.

If you’ve studied healing sciences and arts you may see reflections of other manual modalities here eg: Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Structural Integration, Shiatsu among others you may recognize the incorporation of Awareness Through Movement techniques,  Biofeedback  & Energy Work.  Pain relief, connective tissue restructuring, and or deep relaxation call for a sound touch. We desire to leave the world a better place, to help people decrease pain in their lives by things discovered through study, practice, observation and collaboration.

Soundtouch helps people untangle bodies in chronic pain. Mainly performing massage and teaching targeted stretches and exercises, Jeanine Peterman, the founder believes that healing from most sources of chronic pain is possible and when elimination is not possible, there are things people can do to lessen the negative effects of pain in their lives.. Pain causes weakness and weakness causes pain.  Regeneration is possible if the body is placed in good position, well nourished  and retrained in  proper corrective motions.  Recognizing the subtle differences between healthy tissue and trapped tissue then guiding bodies into healing patterns,  ‘taking out the trash,’  learning how to make adaptations in the autonomic nervous system so the body does a better job of healing itself is Soundtouch’s purpose. Making the world better one body at a time is our mission.

Home based in San Diego’s golden triangle, we welcome questions, comments, discussion, and understand that opinions offered here may not reflect common conventional information.