Magnets: the Kindergarten Theory

When I suggest someone apply magnets like band-aids I get the same looks I got the day I was at a new job, bumped into a  wall and said “that’ll leave a bruise” and my co-worker told me to put a magnet on it.   I let her paper-tape a magnet to my arm and left it on overnight like she asked and in the morning I saw the purple of a bruise peeking out from under the tape, but I left it on in deference to my new found friend.  I went in to work and she had the joy of removing the tape and magnet. There with a clear definition of the magnet’s shape was my bruise. The part that lie outside of the magnet’s presence, was normal bruise color. but under where the magnet had been was the yellow green colors that usually accompany a 3-4 day old bruise.   I was hooked.

My theory is that after an injury a magnet acts like a kindergarten teacher.  Cellular nutrition happens because of ionic transfer the influence of electrons positively charged and negatively charged particles with specific jobs. Where there is a traumatic injury  cellular chaos ensues as blood escapes the confines of it’s vessels and clean-up must occur.  I believe the presence of a magnet  helps the body to organize the chaos so that all of the particles face one side up, either positive or negative and the system can sort out what it need and find it more easily.

I used to scoff at magnets for healing, now I keep several sizes on hand because they make me (and my friends) work better.

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