On Dancer on Prancer….

I take great delight in the joy in movement I see when my grandchildren dance. Despite, or maybe because of the genetic anomaly that runs through the family hypermobility is both blessing and curse. The youngest, given a death sentence when he was six weeks old, dislocates joints at the drop of a hat, but he, who wasn’t given 6 months to live, just performed in his first Nutcracker. His oldest sister does backbends, ¬†split leaps, and is an amazing dancer…. not just for a 10 year old but amazing….period.

When faced with instability, core strengthening and dynamic stabilization activities are the key to optimizing function. if the joints don’t hold shape because of ligamentous laxity, strong tendons and muscles that have developed the skill to optimize different fibers for different purposes allow for grace and stability.

North County Academy of Dance has done an awesome job of looking after the unique needs of each of my grandchildren involved in their programs. https://www.facebook.com/ncadance/

hypermobility plus trained strength =grace

hypermobility plus trained strength =grace

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