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Vision Therapy and me

When the movie Avatar came out, a friend took me to see it in 3D format in an IMAX (curved screen) theatre. Leaving the theatre I kept remarking how things kept “jumping out at me” they said “just like in real life”…we each repeated these statements a couple of times, he did not understand that things didn’t usually feel like they were ‘invading my personal space’ and I did not understand that for him it was normal to feel surrounded by things with dimensions.

One of my clients is an optometrist with a pediatric vision therapy specialty and we discussed my experience at the movie and the very frightening ride home where cars kept popping out at me like the creatures in the meeting. It seems that somewhere along the line, whether by genetics or multiple head traumas growing up, not only was my vision bad in the 20:475 range but I also tested with very limited peripheral vision, poor tracking ability, limited convergence and divergence, multiple blind spots, astigmatism, mild color blindness they will randomly change dominance and  then there is the severe lack of stereoscopic vision (inability to see three dimensionally) …She told me not to bother with Lasik surgery since more of my visual problems had to do with poor processing than eye shape. She lent me the transformational book “Fixing My Gaze” [easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B003YGVCWM” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/21%2BKCXuujdL._SL110_.jpg” width=”73″]

She started me on exercises, I started doing more research into vision and found that the optic nerve is more like brain tissue than any other nerve and that extreme motions of the eye can change the pressure in the cranial vault. The eye socket itself is made with articulations between 7 bones with 9 separate openings! Expanding my peripheral vision was her first concern because she drives the same roads I do!

vision therapy helped my golf game

Vision Therapy brought focus and helped my golf game

I have been able to mentally re-write some of my history knowing I am not uncoordinated (you should see me belly dance) I was just blind….no wonder i couldn’t catch or throw…depth perception is a function of stereoscopic vision with tracking control motor responses based on judgements made by full complete sight. I was even in the 5th grade before anyone even figured out I needed glasses because I have always tried to be adaptable. I started doing body work, in part, because the world always made more sense with my hands than it did with my eyes.

My world is different today. I am much better at remembering people’s names….because I truly see their faces.  I have not run into a curb (driving) in over a year…who know’s what else I’ve missed 😉 I don’t have to remember where I put my keys, I can stand upstairs and scan the room below and find them…with my eyes…usually within 20 seconds.  I have been told I have better fashion sense, this is because I can see single images of my whole body when I look into a mirror.  Less spoilage in my kitchen because I can see the leftovers and get to them before they spoil.   Doing body work makes so much more sense with a three-dimensional image of a body in my mind’s eye and not just in my hands kinesthetic memory tied to two dimensional books and reality for me. The thing that really gets me is that I test less color blind than I used to, and things seems brighter. Golf is harder because of the trees poppin out all over but easier because I can read the greens. I stare in amazement at the levels of depth, the qualities of roundness, texture. I appreciate the breeze  through the trees because I not only can watch leaves rustle but individual leafs turn in the wind. My attitudes have changed, I am more calm, and tend to be less anxious, less restless leg syndrome, and have fewer bouts with depression.  People seem find me more approachable, it seems squinting is easily interpreted as scowl. I am at an age when my friends are experiencing age related declines in vision while I am seeing better than ever, and loving it.





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When was the last time you crawled?

Most people stop crawling when they learn to walk. walking is faster. Parents brag on their kids  who get up and walk at early ages. The term crawl tends to have negative implications, slow, inefficient, leading impatient impulsive frustrating behaviors, when in actuality, crawling is an important step in development. The predictable sequential patterns in which infants progress from womb behaviors to functional adult patterns has many small steps that affect brain function, co-ordination, even the ability to read. It follows after any event or disease that impacts a person’s ability to function physically   a rehab program that at least visits steps such as eye tracking, rolling over, stretching in hands and knees, exploring quadruped weight shifting, finding balance in the kneeling position practicing getting up and down from floor or at least the bed, would be a good idea.

Chronic back pain will frequently respond well to crawling and other quadruped activities. Muscle imbalance helps perpetuate pain. Working muscles in an alternate gravitational plain allows and encourages a change in the diagonal pulls of the muscles, encourages lymphatic drainage away from the front side of the back bone, allows abdominal contents to shift positions in the pelvic cavity, stimulates neurological processing, and encourages proper reciprocal integration of movements between the shoulder girdle and the pelvis.

There are studies that suggest school aged children with reading and concentration difficulties would benefit by game play that included hands and knees mat work. Crawling helps develop co-ordination because it calls for diagonally oriented muscles to kick in and to get  pelvic girdles and shoulder girdles to separate themselves from the expansive capabilities of the ribs while maintaining a separate movement path that leads to the base of the spine and eye control

Several yoga poses travel through these same plains, the rewards of Pilates regimens is that the short postural muscles of the torso get to work in a tight reciprocal  pattern, and several therapy programs encourage weight bearing in alternate positions. For many persons even taking a short time to lie on their bellies in preparation for crawling is just what the doctor ordered.. Massage or bodywork are not usually done in a quadruped position but can be profoundly effective in re-balancing a person’s center of gravity. So go on, get four on the floor…

Get in touch with your inner pre-toddler and re-learn how to crawl in a way that improves your walk




Glow in the Dark: More than Cool

[easyazon-image align=”center” asin=”B00AQP33SK” locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51EZiwgYtWL._SL160_.jpg” width=”160″]Glow in the dark stuff is cool. Posters lit with black lights were one of my favorite things as a kid . What I didn’t realize at that time was how bad my vision was and part of the reason i liked black light and glow sticks so much was that it was so much easier to see that anything I looked at during the day.  For people with ADHD, visual tracking problems, stroke,  traumatic brain injury (TBI) or problems with focus in general, glow in the dark or L.E.D. ‘toys’ may help to bring back focus in their lives, by literally bringing back focus to their eyes.  [easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B0032CUTFO” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/315zErcQ%2BcL._SL110_.jpg” width=”73″]

Glow in the dark is also helpful for people with peripheral neuropathy because when a person lacks sensation visual feedback can help with body awareness. Shoelaces, gloves, rings, bracelets, ankle bracelets, cups designed to hold glow-sticks can help a person practice motions becoming aware of how knee position or elbow position determines where feet and fingers lie.

Anxiety, stress disorders, people who feel they have no or little control over their lives can find relaxation and intrigue by playing with lights that they can control. Poi are easy to manipulate for simple movements and ‘mistakes’ are pretty. It is an easy distraction helpful for people with OCD and for those trying to quit smoking cigarettes poi provides and alternative activity when you just have to go outside and do something different.

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B00AYPM80G” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41AOKw7oeeL._SL110_.jpg” width=”110″]Besides being fun for a rave, radiant  mohawks can be used to increase awareness of head and neck positioning, Fun make-up made for teenagers can be used by adults rehabbing at home. Poi are fun things you swing around, the easiest moves look cool and help improve balance and coordination.


The following is a lil video from YouTube of someone enjoying their Pod Poi