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This area will replace the part of the website that is now my shop. I talk about things that are helpful for people questing to improve their lives such as equipment I like for exercise self care and biofeedback, Gluten free foods and other diet enhancers, vision therapy, books that have been helpful. Pregnancy improvers  and other things that I have or hope to include in my other writings as time goes on. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will give you my outlook or opinions

From Jeanine’s Amazon Portal: my Product of the Week:

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B005GLHBN2″ locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”160″] I am so excited about my yoga swing. I hung mine off the pullup bar I installed  where I used to have a closet door.  The video that comes with this swing has nothing to do with the swing itself. It does show some nice yoga stretches using a strap and what I call a ‘focal point’ this video refers to as ‘edge’.   Purchasing a video or book will be next on my list. If any one has a favorite, please let us know.  On my first experimental use, I was able to find an angle of stretch to loosen a particularly gnarly spot at the top of my shoulder blade.

Usually when I select an item, if there is a reason I chose this type of product or a particular item, I will tell you why.

When I describe why I like a certain thing, your imagination may be unleashed and you may see something you already have that might do the same trick. for example, there are times a yoga ball and a tennis ball might be interchangeable, there are times though a yoga ball maybe better because it doesn’t squish or a tennis ball may be too light for the application..  I’ve seen a can from a cupboard replace a half pound weight more than once,  I know how a budget can be.

Sometimes, it may seem I am promoting a theory based on what worked for me but I haven’t’ seen it done by anyone else…well right here and now let me say, “It’s true!”  I think Glow in the Dark stuff is good…in general.   I didn’t realize how good until personally experiencing a giant breakthrough in my vision therapy after being bored and playful, and curious one night. Things I’ve picked have special purpose in some of my exercise programs that will eventually be included in video form at least.  I try to mention why something is included as a picture.

Amazon has this wonderful feature that lets you look at something closer and see what other people who looked at it, or bought this item bought.  Maybe you don’t want green glowy shoelaces, they would creep you out…but…blue ones would have you walking above the sky!

Amazon also lets you keep a wishlist open from one visit to another so you won’t have to search all over if ordering after the fifteenth is easier than just before the first of the month.  I will be adding to these lists as time permits and ideas flow.   Always use your intelligence as a filter, I come from the viewpoint of a nearly blind dyslexic person, so I literally see things differently .  It wasn’t until I understood that glasses did not fix all the ways I do not see normally…that I figured out how I was seeing and operating differently the vast majority of people, what some people thought were moments of brilliance was simply me making sense of what you see through my crazy mixed up eyes.  I finally understand why my sweet sister has been after me for two decades to write a book. She is brilliant and would listen to my theories amazed, I thought I was just making sure I understood the thing we were discussing, My ideas are common sense to me, and usually hearing them ‘well duh, but why didn’t anyone tell me” is a common response.   A new friend in my business networking group told me that I think in hyperlinks…so I’m trying this. I hope I help someone with my crazy perspectives, and I hope to make my sister happy.

Bodywork came naturally to me…My hands see better than my eyes ever did.  Most of my work is done glasses off eyes three-quarters closed; the variance in muscle, bone, lymphatic tone, temperature, skin texture, hair health are not as apparent to me when my eyes are open.

The pictures will take you straight to Amazon so you know you can shop with security.  Once you are in the site you are on your own with Amazon, If you need to order fishing gear, or shoes, go on ahead. Thanks for visiting Soundtouch

The things I actually like are in categories in the drop down menu that shows up when you select ‘things I like’.  I hope you enjoy exploring and reading about my favorite toys, or things I wish I had so I could share with you.

have fun, get well, live


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