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Sometimes you want something in your home…but what?…Why not make it cool or healthy?!

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Himalayan Salt Lamp

Soft warm light, I leave mine all the time for the ionization properties of the Himalayan salt. it is possible the trace amounts absorbed in the moisture in the ambient air might have the same properties as ocean air….and they are pretty…good for feng shui I would imagine.

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 I practice principles of weightlessnessin my egg shaped chair that i developed in the Jacuzzi to give a gentle meditative stretching and decompression routine

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Inversion Table

Fighting gravity gets much easier if you have regular access to an inversion table.  They come from very simple to having long handled ankle release and built in knobs for connective tissue work. As I say elsewhere in the site, i believe for most persons, inversion is good for every body system even if tolerance for inversion is only a 10% incline

Full Spectrum Lighting

Many people have seasonal depression.   When the days get short and we lose that bit of sunshine it is not just shivering that makes a person just blob up on the couch.   I had a boss that used to experiment on his staff.  I came in after hours one night and found him on a ladder changing light bulbs, he had heard about full spectrum lighting and since most of our cubicles were windowless, he thought he would see if it made a difference in his staff.  He found that the clinic mood and health was improved under his own objective standards.   I have also found  it is worth the expense to keep full spectrum lights on in the house.  I don’t know if it helps the missing vitamin D but it does make a difference in my mood.

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